• Program Instructor-Sub (on call)

    Range Center, Inc.
    Job Description

    Apply today at www.rangecenter.com or call Magan at 218-254-7752


    • 18 year minimum age

    • Have valid MN driver license with good driving record

    • Successful Rule 11 (criminal background check) status

    • Required trainings/certifications as per job description

    • Other as per job description



    • Primarily assist with DAC program duties.

      • Will be assigned to work in a variety of DAC program areas
    • Creative and independent in therapeutic and vocational activities with client.

    • Able to read and implement program plans.

    • Able to participate in behavior management.

      • effectively manage physically aggressive behaviors
    • Able to initiate spontaneous program needs (change in activity).

    • Assist clients with daily living skills.

    • Complete program duties as assigned.

    • Supervise clients as directed.

    • Maintain accurate daily documentation and charting.

    • Maintain teamwork atmosphere in work areas.

    • Other as per job description.



    •  Hourly, on-call


      Hours of Work: 

    • 7:45 am – 2:00 pm or 8:00 am – 2:15 pm M-F (9 days per pay period)

       Rate of Pay:

    $10.00 per hour (entry level)

    Range Center Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.
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