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Richard Chalupsky, Sammy's Pizza

“I moved to Hibbing as co-owner of Sammy's Pizza in 2002.  From the onset, the Chamber was with me.  Before I knew who they were, they held a ribbon cutting ceremony for us, introduced themselves, and welcomed us here.  They have been an invaluable reference source, they have promoted my business, and they are always busy with something.  The Chamber NO DOUBT represents our area with enthusiasm and pride.  Hibbing is a wonderful business community with MANY strong members, and the Chamber has certainly been a large and important part.”

Kayla Carter, Store Manager, Bender's Shoe & Sport

"The Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce has been extremely beneficial to Bender's. They were great with encouraging us to participate in fun events that they set up around the community, which in turn helps our work environment be more exciting. The Chamber is an organization that inspires togetherness around the Hibbing area -- and nothing beats a town that works together to create a better place to live."

Paula Fink, Owner, Ohana Therapeutic Massage

“Being a member of the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce has helped my business grow through networking and advertising opportunities, at a relatively low cost. Connecting with other businesses, as well as the general public, has helped my business succeed over the years.”

Bobby Burgess, Plant Manager, Metal Technologies

“I took over as the Plant Manager in late 2016 and the Chamber did a great job of coming in to meet with the new leadership and communicate the services they can provide (as well as the connections they can help create) to assist in helping our business be successful. They will be a great resource for us as we continue to make every effort to improve our industry competitiveness to keep and grow jobs here on the Iron Range.”

Celia Cameron, AVP/ Branch Manager/MLO, Republic Bank Inc, Hibbing

"I have been a member of the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce since 1997. Now I serve on the Board of the Chamber. For me and the businesses I work for, the Chamber has always been there, in the background, making things happen between businesses, throughout the Hibbing business community, and within the community of Hibbing. Hibbing Area Chamber members have a certain level of comradery and interconnectedness. The Hibbing Area Chamber is Hibbing's greatest advocate and cheerleader."

Pat Ives, Director, Kiddy Karousel

“Kiddy Karousel has been a member of the Hibbing Area Chamber for over 46 years. It is hard to believe that a business that opened offering two half days of care with two employees now has a staff of over 40 and considered one of the larger child care centers in Northeastern Minnesota. Our relationship with the Chamber has changed over the years with numerous opportunities for social and business activities. Our Hibbing Area Chamber is a robust, membership driven organization designed to enhance and promote our communities in the Hibbing area. I can highly endorse that membership will always be a benefit to those who join.”

Kristi Westrem, VP/GM, Midwest Communications

“I've been a member of the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce in radio for almost 30 years. I feel the Chamber is a great resource for the seven radio stations that I'm the VP/GM for. I've been on the Board of Directors and was the Chair of the Board in 2006. The Chamber is an organization that helps bring businesses together, works together to create a better place to live and bring togetherness. They represent our area with pride. The Hibbing Area Chamber has so many strong energetic members who are all very prideful of our community. The Chamber is aggressively trying to make Hibbing a place where new businesses want to come and expand.”

Ed LaTendresse, General Manager, Hibbing Taconite

“We are so grateful to the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce for their unwavering support of the mining industry, Cleveland Cliffs and Hibbing Taconite. Their activism and voice in political and community venues helps clear the path for success in the mining industry, which promotes the health and stability of hundreds of jobs in the Hibbing region.”

Jim Vollstaedt, Sellman, Borland, & Simon P.L.L.C.

“The Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce has been a tireless advocate for policy that benefits area businesses, and is responsible for beautification projects and coordination of events that enhance the community as a whole. Its efforts have allowed the area's business community thrive. Membership is one of our most cost-effective methods of advertising, outreach, and networking.”

Krystle Glad, Range Center, Inc.

“Being an active member of the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce, and expanding my personal leadership involvement (through serving as a Hibbing Area Chamber Board Director), has been incredibly rewarding. In the time that I have participated in the Chamber, I have made an invaluable network of connections. The Chamber has absolutely awarded me endless opportunities to engage and collaborate with thriving leaders in a place that I am proud to call home. At its heart, Hibbing is an amazingly vibrant community - the Chamber gives our community that strategic platform, exposure, and visibility to represent that!”

Dave Hughes Jr., PolyMet Mining

“The Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce has been a great supporter of PolyMet by participating in events and helping to inform stakeholders in the region about benefits of copper-nickel mining. The Chamber has Resolutions of Support in place sending a strong message that the Iron Range knows that we can mine and protect the environment.”

Diane Sandvig, General Manager, Hampton Inn of Hibbing

“The Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce has been an important part of our business since opening in 2015. I am honored to serve on the Board and appreciate the Chamber's effort to help new businesses grow. I have built new business relationships and met people in the community. The staff is dedicated to the success of its members and are willing to help where and when they can. If you are not a member of this active Chamber, join today.”

Aaron Baudeck, Red Rock Health Insurance

“I greatly appreciate being a part of our local chamber not only because of the positive impact it has had on my business, but it has provided a pipeline of new relationships, opportunities to grow into new markets, and the feeling of being a part of something bigger. I will be a chamber member for life.”

Lisa Samsa, Shubat Transportation

“The most rewarding part of being a member of the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce is interacting with all of the members from a wide variety of businesses. This is a great way to get input on different issues and to learn how those issues impact other businesses. The Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce is a very diverse organization.”

Jeannie Nobens, Minnesota Twist Drill

“The Hibbing Area Chamber has provided me with many excellent networking opportunities! By participating in the events, I've built strong relationships that have benefited me both personally and professionally. I am very grateful to belong to such a positive group and community.”

Wayne Kangas, New York Life

“I have been active with the Hibbing Area Chamber for several years now and over those years the Chamber has evolved a lot. It has become what not only our business community needs, but our community as a whole. Ensuring the support of the Broadband Initiative, as well as, the Downtown Revitalization projects are what will move this entire community forward. They have done a great job supporting the happenings of our regional community with the resources available. I am confident that they will continue to adapt and evolve into the community leader we need.”

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